All About Alisa

Alisa is a studio artist, author, speaker, creative entrepreneur and life coach. She's a graduate of Western Michigan University with a degree in graphic design, but came to realize after graduation her true passion was more in studio art rather than commercial art. Although she's been artistically creating in some form since she was little, somewhere along the way she began to believe the lie that art wasn’t important. It didn’t really matter. She began to think art was fun but frivolous. Because of those beliefs she almost walked away from art altogether. Thankfully in 2003 she had an epiphany, really a divine intervention that changed her life forever. She realized art and creativity were at the core of who she was created to be. From there she began the process of learning what made her come alive as an artist; what was her unique creative DNA? And along the way, she was surprised to discover the importance of beauty and how it’s tied to creativity. It’s been a bumpy journey of highs and lows, but also a journey filled with much adventure.

“Creative identity is so much more than the traditional arts, i.e., painting, dance, theater, etc. It is at the core of why you were created. It touches the very essence of who you are. It doesn’t require you to be a traditional artist. It requires you to be you! The one whom God loves and designed with brilliant creative intention and beauty!”


Alisa’s passion is to release beauty in the earth through her art, writing, speaking, coaching and encouraging broader conversations of the importance of both creativity and beauty in the world and how it brings healing and wholeness to peoples hearts as individuals, but also families, cities and nations. She’s also an enthusiastic advocate of people understanding their own unique creative identity and helping them learn how to release into the world through their own authentic story, where beauty lives.

“Within beauty you can find everything good…love, wonder, delight, hope, peace, joy, redemption, etc. Beauty is at the very core of who we are, of humanity, of our true identity, of why we were created and who we belong to. It’s essential, far more than we have ever realized.”


Alisa Lincoln