About Me

I have loved art for as long as I can remember! As a child, besides writing stories, my favorite thing to do was color for hours on end. I still love opening a new box of crayons and seeing all of those beautiful colors staring back! Although I’ve been creating art since I was little, somewhere along the way I started to believe the lie that art wasn’t important. It didn’t really matter. I thought it was fun, but frivolous. Because of these beliefs, I almost walked away from art altogether. Thankfully, I had quite an epiphany, really a divine intervention in 2003! It changed my life forever as I realized art and creativity were at the core of who I was created to be. In a moments time, a whole new world of possibility was opened before me and I said yes!

I then began the process to learn and understand what made me come alive as an artist. Abstract painting was a key! I fell in love with it! It’s full of surprise, intrigue and mystery. I can never fully know what’s about to happen when I add color, texture, line, etc. It’s a visceral experience of beauty unfolding right before my eyes. Beauty is powerful. It changes things. Within beauty you can find everything good…love, wonder, delight, hope, peace joy, etc. The world is full of these good things, but sometimes we temporarily lose our ability to see them because our pain is too great. I don’t deny the ugly. It’s around us constantly, but so is beauty. Sometimes we just need a reminder of that. It’s my desire as an artist to capture glimpses of this beauty within my artwork so that people feel refreshed after viewing my work, even if just for a moment, because a moment is all it takes to awaken the beauty within and all around us. 

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