Cody Lincoln

All About Cody

Cody is a breath of fresh air, with a deep passion to see people walk in the power and expression of their true identity though joy, love, connection, peace and family.


He's a third year graduate of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, life coach and author.

Cody seeks to help people live a life free of shame and fear, to embrace their passions, and live under the eternal light of Gods endless pleasure by embracing the beauty of life right in front of them.


As a young boy, Cody fought with severe dyslexia. Fundamentals like reading, writing, math, directions, social cues and much more, struggled to stick to the walls of his mind (if at all), making every day molehills swell into seemingly impenetrable mountains. Although feeling outwitted by the world and crushed by his own dreams and expectations, he hung on to hope as he learned to work around and even overcome his disabilities. In the process of learning to conquer these thing, including his own self-hatred, he fought to bring his heart back to the brave forefront of love from where it had been hiding in the shadows of rejection for so long to embrace his true idendity and authentic story as a much beloved son.