Diana Boyer

All About Diana

She gives her life for every person she has ever encountered; for the one in front of her, yet goes after the multitude.


Diana studied at Harvest School of Missions and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. She is a national and international speaker, author, missionary, and a life coach. Her passion in life, first and foremost, is to never lose track of her first love, Jesus. Diana is a woman that has changed the course of history just by giving her yes. She would give her last breath just to see someone walk in the fullness of who they were created to be, to experience full freedom of and in the Fathers heart. Her passion is to grow deeper in intimacy with Him while the world around her is transformed. Diana has traveled many nations with the heart posture to simply love God and love people more outrageously everyday. Her deep heart desire is that the “voiceless” would be heard, the “faceless” are seen and the “unreached” reached by so much love that it literally changes nations.


Diana’s passion is to see poverty broken and people empowered to thrive mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. She loves to empower people in their creativity and dreams as she believes that people are the manifestation of the dreams of God on earth. Diana’s heart for justice sings loudly as she believes Jesus paid for every ounce of freedom that we get to rest in. Her heart for people to know and live inside of their royalty is loud. She has sat with government officials, kings and queens and lived with many unreached tribes. But, whether in a mud hut or a castle of riches, she finds joy in Jesus being worthy of every person loved outrageously and into wholeness.