Take The Leap

How will you take your leap this week or next week or maybe it's a leap for this year? How will you choose to not let fear dictate your decisions?


I've had a lot of difficult changes in my life lately, changes that could have caused me to be paralyzed with fear. But I've been purposeful to take steps (sometimes they feel more like a leap), in not letting fear have it's way. I've not done it perfect. And honestly, I don't know it's possible to never have fear. I think it's more about how we choose, and what we choose in the face of fear than actually never having it. One way I've chosen to leap and not let fear have it's way lately is to continue to paint and create even in the midst of pain. I didn't know what to paint. I didn't even feel like painting, but it was suggested to me to paint the "ugly" that I was experiencing. And not only to paint the ugly, but to be okay with the painting itself being ugly. That suggestion felt powerful, so I decided to do it. What was most surprising is that even though I was painting the "ugly" and was determined to be okay with an ugly painting, it ended up being beautiful it's own way. I love how this is a picture of how God takes our ugly and turns it into something beautiful. Out of that experience, I decided to do a whole series of "ugly" paintings. Something I thought would only be for me has turned into something beautiful and helpful for others in processing their own pain. There's always risk in taking a leap. It might not work, but what if it does? And what if there is beauty to be found in leap?

#fearless #painting #beauty

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